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Finance Tid Bits

Finance Tid Bits

I came up with the finance tid bits section to be able to discuss general topics but discuss common sense approaches to finances and provide a different, more practical approach to thinking of and views on money.

Below is a compilation of all articles written and posted on MoneyBusiness about Finance Tid Bits. Topics are listed from the most recent at the top going down to the oldest.

Finance Tid Bits

Finance Tid Bits (26)


Why finance tid bits? Because these are discussions that cannot be placed in any other category. I read a lot of financial and business books but also books on personal improvement and I would like to share these with my readers. Perhaps they too can get value out of the information from the books.

Also, there are some lessons that cannot be categorized in any other topic on the site but are vital financial lessons. These are the types of topics that I focus on and place under this category that I named Finance Tid Bits.

How do I know all this? I lived through it and it was the story of my life, twice over. So I've been there, done that and got the t-shirt.

Good news! I am here to help you get through it and to begin the journey to financial freedom.


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