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30 Business Ideas To Get You Started

30 Business Ideas In 30 Days

30 Business Ideas In 30 Days The ebook is finally here at last!

Do you want to start your own business? Do you need ideas on what kind of business to start? Give me 30 minutes and I'll give you 30 business ideas you can start without breaking the bank. 30 Business Ideas In 30 Days is a downloadable e-book designed to help you take advantage of 30 simple, easy to start, low cost business ideas to get you well on your way to becoming the entrepreneur you have always wanted to be.

I myself being unemployed and expecting our first baby, knew every penny counts. So why start a business in a downturn anyway?

Finance Tid Bits

Why Start A Business In A Recession?

Quite simple the answer is actually. What happens after a downturn in the economy or in the financial markets? An up trend right? Right. So if you are for example an investor in stocks you know the saying buy in the low(bear) and sell in the high(bull). Well it's the same thing in business.

Starting a business when things are slow means you establish yourself and when the economy is in full swing, you will ride the high so to speak. The potential for growth is excellent and this is why I am for starting a business when things are down.

About The Book

I co-wrote the ebook with the help of my co-author on this blog. She sits all the way in Namibia and thank goodness for technology! I focus mainly on my journey and what brought on the thought of pursuing entrepreneurship and why money is just never enough when you are a full time employee. Then I delve right into the ideas I see as feasible and that are on my list of to pursue or that I am already involved in with my partner and co-author.

No matter what your background or business acumen, there is something in the book for anyone who wants to pursue starting a small business and is looking for a new business idea that is easy and low cost to startup. The ebook is now available for purchase at


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