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About Me

My Financial Journey

Okay so that's almost what I look like, I'm camera shy :-)

Hi my name is Kevin Carr. I am an IT Specialist and at the age of 29, I have been through enough ups and downs to last me a life time especially in terms of personal finance and money. When I woke up to the reality that 10% of the world's population actually own 90% of the wealth, I was appalled and frightened all at once. This is ludicrous to say the least!

This prompted me to start getting financially intelligent. I read books by the major financial guys like Robert Kiyosaki and co. They say if you want to achieve something, surround yourself with people who have what it is that you want to achieve. If you would like to become financially independent then spend more time with people that are financially independent or those that are well on their way. Remember the saying "you are known by the company you keep". Well, this holds true weight.

None of my good friends are financially independent, own businesses, or are even in the least bit interested in pursuing anything other than full time employment as a means of income. Well that's not a bad thing and my friends are great personalities with unique individual qualities. However, our myopic assessment on life is not always our fault but, if we are willing, we have the power to change our views on finances and indeed, anything else in life. So what's with the rambling? Bottom line, 90% of the world's population is afraid of money. How? Let me explain.

What happens when you owe your creditors money and they hassle you to pay up? You become frustrated especially if the funds are just not there. You then begin to fear the thought of it, thus you are officially afraid of facing your finances. By being afraid of money, you let money control you. When money controls you then you are in trouble because you will work for money. When you work for money you can never become wealthy and financially independent because the money is never enough. However, when you realize that money is a commoditiy like any other e.g. gas, food etc. then you will make your money work for you. That way you can become wealthy because then you understand the psychology of money. Here is where I learnt possibly the greatest revelation of my financial life, and my personal finances have improved dramatically.

With this in mind, I am here to help you realize this important lesson about money too. The more people that become financially stable and independent, the more I have achieved my goal of helping produce more millionaires in the world!


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