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MoneyBusiness Competitions


Drum roll.......Welcome to MoneyBusiness competitions. This is the section where you will get updated on past, present and future competitions that have, are or will take place on the blog. I hope that you will continue to take part and win cool prizes so stay tuned.



Competitions (3)



How do competitions work on the Moneybusiness blog? I try my best to involve my readers in everthing that happens on this blog. So when competitions come, I write a post to let my readers know of the details like dates, duration, reason and prize to be won. If there are deadline extensions I also write posts to communicate this. All my competitions close at 23:59:59 or 11:59:59pm on the closing date. Usually on the morning of the closing date I send out a post which is usually a reminder for you in case you still want to take part. After the competition closes, a winner is chosen and when the prize is sent out to the winner then a post is released announcing the winner. It would be great to get a photo of the winner with the prize so we usually ask that the winner send us a picture of them with their prize as soon as they recieve it. That's it!

Articles and posts related to competitions that have run or are running will be listed below and the number of articles is indicated in brackets.


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