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Finance Tid Bits

Festive Deals For Frugal Spending

17th November 2009

December is just around the corner and for most of us that means the holiday season is coming. Now with the economy going the way it is going, most of us having no jobs, or that much cash to spend, we're all looking for the best deals around to spend wisely on Christmas gifts. I for one was not going to get any Christmas gifts however, my wife reminded me of how certain family members below the age of 10 would take it rather hard, so I got to searching and finally came up with an idea.


Personal Finance I decided to go online and hunt for discounts and specials and compare deals. That's right, we are at a time where we are living frugally so we might as well enjoy the Christmas giving spirit but by spending frugally too. I've compiled a list of deals that might be attractive to moneybusiness readers. If you know of more deals for the festive season, please send me an email. Below are the best 10 deals I found:

Christmas is a time for giving even in these hard times so the best deals can really help be light on our pocket while still allowing us to spread the festive cheer!


"It is every man's obligation to put back into the world at least the equivalent of what he takes out of it." - Albert Einstein


Comments (5):

Nancy Says: Thanks for sharing, I haven't yet started looking for specials | 11.17.2009 |

Danny Says: Great deals now to find the cash! | 11.17.2009 |

Anne Says: Still wondering where I will find the cash, my kids will be so disappointed if I don't give them something for Christmas | 11.17.2009 |

Rita Says: I dread this time of the year especially this year as I was laid off and just don't have the money | 11.17.2009 |

Genevieve Says: Great specials. I think I may have a little saved to get my daughter an ipod for Christmas but that's it | 11.17.2009 |


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